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1:1 Coaching

Solution-forward guidance, support, and accountability for your vision. I help you uncover your vision, understand and appreciate your worth, and support you in creating, aligning with, and achieving your vision. 3, 5, and 7 session packages are available.

Small Groups

Often, we can do more in a group than we could ever do alone. These small groups of 4 or so like-minded folks meet to discover their worth and build their individual visions together with expert guidance and facilitation. We use inquiry, deep listening, and mindfulness techniques in these truly transformative groups. Groups meet on a weekly basis for 1 to 2 months depending on individual’s goals

Group Talks and Presentations

Transformational talks concerning topics that matter to you and your organization. Real, practical guidance that your organization can take immediately to extinguish imposterism, increase inclusion and belonging, and thrive.
  • Exploring mindfulness
  • Extinguishing imposterism
  • Increasing inclusion and belonging
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