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About Melissa

Too many of us work and live out of alignment with our true values and purpose—and this is most often because we don’t know our own worth. We doubt. We feel like imposters waiting to get exposed for who we really are, and we are afraid that who we really are is not enough.  We could have all the experience in the world—a great resume, degrees, certifications, the works—but we still either don’t know what we want to do or we don’t know how to get there and are honestly baffled why we are still here, in the same spot, month after month, year after year.
Or we might wonder what is wrong with us. Afterall, we have a good job. We have a good family. Things look good from the outside. And we might even wonder what is wrong with us because it’s so good, and yet it just doesn’t feel that way.
Or we might be leaders in a great organization. But we can’t figure out why our people aren’t performing the way they could, or worse, are burned out and unhappy where they used to be motivated and excelled. We don’t know what has happened, and we don’t know how to help—and we really want to. We need to.
This is where a coach can have a powerful impact. The coach collaborates, provides space for self-awareness and growth in a supportive and transformational relationship. Real growth. Real direction. Real action steps that you can take, with real impact. Right now.
Experience, Licensure and Certifications
  • Juris Doctorate, Lewis and Clark Law School
  • ACC, International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Somatics Coach, The Somatic School
  • Certified Life Coach, Lumia
  • Certified Breath Work Facilitator, Yoga Body
  • Certified Connected Breathing Facilitator, Breath Masters
  • Certified Mindfulness Trainer, Dallas Yoga Center
  • Certified in Designing Your Life, DYL Lab, Stanford
  • Certified Level 1 Children & Teen Mindfulness Facilitator, Growing Up Mindful 
  • Certified Science of Stretching Coach, Yoga Body
  • Bachelor's Degree in English Literature, U.C. Berkeley, California
  • Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information on my background

Presentations and Workshops
  • The Mindful Lawyer: A Practice in Resilience
  • Mindfulness for Law and Life
  • The Mindful Law Student
  • Imposterism Discussion Workshop
  • Extinguishing Imposterism: Strategies for Legal Organizations to Minimize Unwarranted Self-Doubt and Cultivate Excellence 
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